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Stop dropping ideas in chats.

I see this behaviour very often in startups.

Ideas are buzzing. Everyone's brain is on fire. You throw ideas around and they are very much welcomed.

Creative people have a serious case of this condition. Marketers, designers, copywriters. On and off meetings they throw ideas around like they're cards on a poker table.

And those ideas are carefully picked up and prioritized to be executed.

Aha. Of course not.

They're completely lost among the tsunami of messages that get thrown around in chats. You'll never see them again, just like that message in a bottle you threw in the ocean back in 2018.

And the fix?

Document them.

Instead of blurting them out in the meeting room, grab a piece of paper and place them on the desk of the responsible person.

Someone that will execute them, or many just distribute them to the right person. Not only will this ensure they'll actually considered and then executed, you'll be making them more valuable.

You see, anyone can throw out random ideas. It's easy. Ideas come a dime a dozen.

But actually planning how to execute them? Giving them some thought? Now that's harder.

When you get an idea, think of a plan to execute them. Think of the ups and downs.

Why should we do it?

What resources are we sacrificing if we take this on?

That gives decision makers more context. And that means they're more likely to get executed.