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How to ask for decisions from superiors

Your superiors are busy people.

You should save them as much time as possible.

How? By following this framework.

I've tried this and it works. Not only with superiors but with clients too. Same principle applies.

Whenever you need their input, write them a message with the following points:

  • What's the current status of the situation?
  • What have you or the team done before?
  • What options do you have on the table?

With these points your superior will quickly know the current status and what has been attempted before, as well as a breakdown of the possible decisions.

This is crucial. They have limited time and attention. If you just ask them a simple, open question you'll force them to ask more follow-up questions, which in turn consumes their energy.

By limiting their choices, you're making their decision as easy as reading your message and typing "Option A" or "Option B".

The outcome?

You save time.

They save time.

And you become a more valuable employee.