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You can do it in half the time.

Why are all meetings scheduled in 30 minute slots?

What's the logical reason behind this? Who decided it should be this way? Where is the proof that shows this is the best format?

There's nothing. Zero studies showing this is the best way to work.

And yet, we keep doing it.

This is just a constraint imposed by calendar apps. Their default time is 30 minutes - and so we stick to that. Following orders from a software written by some engineers.

And it's hard to break away from this. A 15 minute meeting is against the norm. Yet, it does the trick most of the time.

Better yet - maybe it shouldn't be a meeting. The cost from holding this meeting doesn't have to exist. Maybe a well written document, with clear deadlines, tasks, and expectatins would do the trick.

The point is: do not default to what software tells us to do.

Maybe you shouldn't have that meeting.

Maybe it should be 15 minutes.

Maybe it should be a dot on your calendar, with no fixed end date. Just let it run and once it's done, you leave. Just like Basecamp.

Choose your own utopia.