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Bill meetings at twice the rate.

Hello freelancers and contractors. Do you hate meetings?

Oh wow, is that a massive crowd yelling "YES" that I hear?

Well well, maybe you shouldn't. Maybe you should just charge them at twice rate?

After all, meetings are proven to kill your focus. A 30 min minute meeting actually kills 60 minutes of your productivity.

You need 10 minutes to get ready for a meeting. And after it another 20 minutes to regain deep work focus. Science proves this.

When you think about it, that's 1/8 of your work day. All for an innocent 30 minute meeting. Damn.

So why not charge double your rate?

Not only are you getting properly paid for your time, you're also putting an incentive in place for your clients to avoid scheduling too many meetings.

Do you prefer to spend double to have a meeting, or get twice the work done?

It's an easy choice for most of them.